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Doujinshi - Smile

Well, I'd planned to post a list of 6996 Japanese fanart links for Christmas, but apparently my journal hates both banners and italics, and likes to change them randomly to error messages and bold fonts instead. -_- Which is really threatening to drive me insane, given how LONG the list is...


...but, whatever! It might take a little longer, but I'll manage somehow. :P After my New Year trip to Berlin, anyway. As a late Christmas present in place of this failed attempt, here is a short doujinshi by Giselle! ^o^ *goes back to drawing 6996 fanart while pointedly NOT THINKING of her impeding exams*

See you on January 4th! ^^Collapse )

Doujinshi - La Mia Signora Equa

Aaaaaw... カタコト (http://www16.ocn.ne.jp/~kakehasi/r-top.html) didn't give me permission... ;_; I knew it had to happen eventually - but I still feel kind of sad. I really wanted to translate that silly thing with the takoyaki! Oh, well... not up to me. ^^;

BUT! Almost as if to comfort me, the wonderful TG (http://clear.raindrop.jp/) was kind enough to give me permission to translate his/her (?) doujinshi! ^__^ And I'm taking advantage of that right away by posting this adorable piece he/she drew for Chrome's birthday some time ago... quite appropriate, since our dear girl's birthday is just a couple of weeks away!

Buon Compleanno, Chrome! ^o^Collapse )

Doujinshi - What If

...er, I took quite a long pause again, didn't I? XD

Well, it was Halloween time! Lots of fanart contests going on, the IchiRuki one at BleachAsylum, the Ishida one over at Bleachness... and I also had to translate an IshiHime doujinshi for debbie mmmmh Bypass! ^o^

But here we are again, with another short story by None (http://none.mods.jp)! ^___^

Oooh... is that a 10069 hint I spy with my little eye...? XDCollapse )

Doujinshi - I'll wait for you

So Giselle (http://puce.lomo.jp/re/) just posted a new doujinshi, and I immediately pounced upon it because it was just so cute. ^o^ Even despite the fact that the kanji were even more minuscule than usual. *dead*

I cannot help wondering if this story was inspired more by the recent Schoolgirl!Nagi manga spread, or by the recent Pedoing!Mukuro anime image... perhaps it's a mix of both? XDCollapse )

Doujinshi - I Was Searching For You

...so here I am again, all pumped up after Guccini's concert and still re-singing it all, though only semi-consciously (damn flu >_<)... anyway! ^^ I realize it's been a while since I've posted anything, so I'd better cut the ramblings short. XD

This time, something else from dear None (http://none.mods.jp/)! See, rooftop_scenery, I got to it eventually! ^o^
After Kitty!Chrome, here's some Cat!Mukuro! ^__^Collapse )

Doujinshi - Taiyaki

Gaaaaah! *dead*

Finally - finally this session of exams is finished! >_<

Sorry for the delay, guys, but I've been, er, otherwise occupied for a while. XD Here's a new, LONG Giselle (http://puce.lomo.jp/re/) doujinshi translation as an apology! I hope caeluminfinitum will like it! ^o^

On a different note, I just received a response from None, and thankfully they also gave me permission to translate their doujinshi! ^__^ I'm very happy... and amused, of course - but that has nothing to do with the answer itself and everything to do with the first sentence I was given when I inserted None's message in an automatic translator to get a rough feeling about the kind of response I'd received (hey, hey, it was very late - and I just wanted to check it quickly before going to bed)! ^o^



Good evening.

The manager on site None does drinking.


Apparently, it didn't recognize のん as a name, and put it together with です to form a verb... thus, 'I am Non' became 'I drink'! XD

...and that, my friends, is why it's never a good idea to rely on automatic translators except for emergencies! ^o^Collapse )

Doujinshi - Snow

Here I am again! ^o^

First of all, a service announcement. Lol, I sound so official! XD

Lately I came across the translation of a cute - what was it, Bell/Mammon? - doujinshi, and I noticed that the owner of the site complained about it. I was honestly surprised, since I believed adding the obligatory credits and a link to the source site would suffice. So I sent an e-mail to my - let's call it my current greatest source site (http://puce.lomo.jp/re/), officially asking permission to translate their doujinshi... and fortunately, Giselle's manager sent me a polite reply telling me I was allowed to translate them! ^__^

Now I suppose I'll ask all the site owners beforehand if I can translate their doujinshi, just to be sure... which might take a while, since not everyone replies so swiftly. ^^; I hope none of them will ask me to take down the doujinshi, but... well, we'll see.

On the plus side, this means that until I get permission from other sites there will be a string of Giselle doujinshi coming up, so Giselle fans should be happy! ^o^

Anyway, here's the first post of the aforementioned string. ^^Collapse )

Doujinshi - To you

Lol, I've briefly disappeared from existence, haven't I? XDD

I'm sorry! >_< Exam stress and actual English translations for my mother have taken up my time... also, okay, I've been a little lazy. ^^; But at least I made a fanart...? *blush*

Anyway! Here's another adorable snippet from Giselle (http://puce.lomo.jp/re/)! ^__^ For all ChikusaxChrome shippers out there, I suppose (hi, darekadaremo! ^o^)...


I love this one... it's so sweet. ^__^Collapse )

Doujinshi - Neko

This one is from Peperon (http://matsu-pepe.pupu.jp/)... yes, I know, the colour hurts my eyes too...! >_<

Still, it was so terribly CUTE I just had to translate it! ^__^

Onwards for Neko!Chrome! ^^Collapse )

Doujinshi - Slap